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Beercan Shaker Smooth

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Dette er autentiske vintage bokser fra USA. Med ulike typer fyll for ulikt volum og effekt. Slik beskriver Index Drums produktene på originalspråket:

Our Beercan Shaker is the original steel can shaker made from vintage Beer and Soda cans from a bygone era. The 12oz is the standard size, and is perfect to throw in a stick bag. They are much more durable than modern cans, with thicker walls and a stronger shape.

The Hoppy has a crisp tone, with medium attack and volume. It's on the louder side of the 30 shakers we tested at the drum shop, with a rich metallic sound and good control.

The Smooth is much quieter than the "hoppy", and more suited for small venues. This is on the softer side, but with the same metallic flavor. Similar fill to the ever-popular egg shaker.

The Stout is a wild organic shaker with tons of personality. It kind of tumbles along, crunching it's way through your tracks, making everything a little better.

The Pony is similar to the Hoppy, but without the metallic attack and a little lower volume. We use any non-12oz cans for the Pony, so you might get a 12oz or you might get a 10oz or 8oz.

The Bonzo is a rowdy metal maraca. Lots of action, lots of energy, plenty of volume. If the Smooth is a 3 and the Hoppy is a 7, the Bonzo's is an 11.

The Canxixi has a softer fill that is quiet and complex when played normally, or percussive and cutting when edge-popped like a traditional caxixi. The Canxixi is a little more active and random than our Smooth shaker, with a texture that's unlike anything we've ever done. If you're wanting to fill in the gap between Smooth and Hoppy, this might be the can for you!

Amber is a moist Smooth.

Bock is a more subdued Hoppy.

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